Carl's Jr.

Carl’s Jr. 2015 Super Bowl Ad

This year, Carl’s Jr. message, was going all natural, in reference to it’s burgers that are all natural, antibiotic and hormone free.

To do so, Charlotte McKinney wanders through a farmers’ market, appearing as naked to the viewers, only to realize later she had a tiny outfit,  at the end of the tease, she enjoys one of Carl’s natural burgers.

Carl’s Jr.  is a well known fast-food restaurant chain that predominantly operates in the western and southwestern states.


Pepsi’s 2015 Super Bowl Ad

Pepsi Super Bowl 2015: Halftime Touches Down

Pepsi have put most of it’s advertising dollar in the Halftime show. It’s the 3rd year in a row, that Pepsi sponsors the Super Bowl halftime show.

Their 30 sec Ad spot leading to that show:

Using hashtag #halftime, Pepsi invited people across the US to submit photos or videos nominating their town as a venue for a halftime show.

Online Ads:  Leading to the SUPER BOWL:

The Cutest Halftime Show Ever! Published on Dec 18, 2014:

Katy Perry: Super Bowl Halftime Show ; Published on Nov 23, 2014:

Agency: Multiple advertising agents.


McDonald’s 2015 Super Bowl Ads

McDonald’s 2015 Super Bowl Ads : Pay With Lovin’

Agency: Leo Burnett

The idea behind the ad is that McDonald’s , will be randomly accepting “lovin’” as a form of payment between Feb 2-14.
The customers will be randomly selected, and asked to do a random act of lovin’ (hugs, call family, dance, etc) in exchange for not paying for the item.

A small explainer video explaining the concept:

Style of the campaign: Emotional induced viral marketing.